Video preview of the Chicago Telematics Conference founder, Rob Prime, previews the world’s largest insurance telematics conference to take place in Chicago September 4th to 5th 2013.

The founder of, Rob Prime says the upcoming telematics insurance conference, to be held in Chicago, September 4th to 5th, should provide an indication of key trends emerging at this early stage in the telematics field. In this video he previews the main themes from the independent European-based consumer angle provided by

Rob explains that the field of development is very wide and while it seems at the moment the demands of the insurance industry are driving developments this might not always be the case. He emphasises that for the European market the development of US patents in telematics products could have a significant affect on the aspects of the industry to be advanced outside the US. is developing independent insights into the whole field of telematics, not just insurance. Rob will be providing his personal daily overview from the Chicago conference on this website.

Follow Rob’s attendance at the conference here on

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