Yorkshire businesses feeling telematics benefits

Businesses in Yorkshire have really started to notice the benefits of adding telematics systems to their vehicles, using them to monitor fleets and manage their drivers more appropriately. One of the ones we’re looking at today is car parts distributor, Andrew Page, which has taken on Masternaut’s system and is really finding it a much more cost efficient way to manage his vehicles.

The choice to go with Masternaut, came after Page ran a select trial in its Birmingham branch of the business, with particular emphasis put on the Eco-Drive and Live modules of Masternaut connect, which helped it cut back on fuel usage by an impressive 7.1 per cent and reduced “harsh events,” such as accidents and damage to the vehicle, by a whopping 47 per cent.

Mark Saunders, chief operating officer at Andrew Page, said (via Fleetnews): “This is a major step for us in safeguarding the future of our business and we’re delighted to be working closely with another well respected local firm, Masternaut.”


“We pride ourselves on supplying the very best service to our customers and value the high standards we work to,” he continued.

“Masternaut has demonstrated that its solution is capable of helping us to further this, by giving us detailed and up to the minute views of our driver locations, whilst also helping us to make vital cost savings.”

While the benefits of savings on fuel and other aspects of the business are well known at this point, there’s also a benefit to the drivers in that they’re generally much safer when they know they’re being tracked. Telematics have been proved at helping reduce sharp braking and acceleration, as well as speeding, several factors that can contribute to accidents. This sort of behaviour can ultimately be corrected by advanced training if needed, and over time the entire fleet can become better drivers overall, which has a knock on effect with making the roads safer, as organisations like Andrew Page have a surprising number of drivers on the road at any one time.

About Andrew Page

Andrew Page is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of quality car parts, along with workshop equipment, tools and diagnostic hardware. The company has been in operation, in one iteration or another, since 1917 and today operates 93 branches across the country, with hundreds of employees and drivers. This year it’s relocated some of its depots to make them more accessible, and there are future plans for expansion as the economy recovers further.

About Masternaut

Masternaut is one of the EU’s premier mobile resource management providers, specialising in vehicles – essentially, telematics. Founded back in 1996, the firm has grown from strength to strength since, working with thousands of businesses across the continent and has been named as one of the fastest growing technology companies in the EU for several years in a row.

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