ACS ALCOLOCK™ uses the power of telematics to stop drunk driving

Discover Nine (Pty) Ltd, the South African distributor of the ACS ALCOLOCK™, has partnered up with a global leader in telematics to make the ACS ALCOLOCK™ even more powerful.
What is an ACS ALCOLOCK™?
The ACS ALCOLOCK™ is an alcohol ignition interlock that measures the breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) of the driver and prevents the vehicle from being started if the BrAC is over a predetermined limit. If a driver does NOT provide AND pass a mandatory breath test the vehicle is immobilised. It is important to note that the breath test is mandatory and unless a test is taken, the vehicle will remain immobilised.
Why use an ACS ALCOLOCK™?
The ACS ALCOLOCK™ (V3 unit in particular) is specifically designed to monitor, control and prevent drunk driving in commercial applications. In South Africa there is a severe drunk driving problem that is pervasive in all forms of transport, from passenger vehicles to heavy commercial trucks. The ACS ALCOLOCK™ serves as an effective and efficient solution to this serious problem.




What information does the ACS ALCOLOCK™ collect?

  • start attempts (pass, caution and fail of breath test)
  • precise breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) readings for each start attempt and retest
  • retest information (pass, fail or missed)
  • any attempt to circumvent the ACS ALCOLOCK™ system
  • emergency overrides
  • calibration information
  • aborted tests
  • other non-alcohol related information

What has telematics done for the ACS ALCOLOCK™?
Originally the ACS ALCOLOCK™ would need to be plugged into a PC to extract reports on all the events that occurred during a period of time. This resulted in a few inefficiencies, such as:

  • delayed reaction time to critical events
  • outdated reports
  • logistical implications when vehicles were off site and/or in remote locations
  • fleet managers felt out of control as their vehicles were sometimes stranded and no immediate information on vehicle status was available

Now, however, through the power of telematics, fleet managers enjoy an increased number of benefits. Fleet managers can now get immediate notifications via SMS and EMAIL on all of the ACS ALCOLOCK™ events. In addition , the telematics service provider automatically collates all the ACS ALCOLOCK™ information into highly detailed as well as overview summarised reports. These reports can be used for various purposes, such as monitoring drivers, identifying areas of concern and improving the driver compliment. Fleet managers are now more in control than ever before.
In summary, what are the benefits of using the ACS ALCOLOCK™?

  • Fleet managers are in complete control and know exactly what is happening in their vehicles due to instant notifications.
  • The risk associated with random driver testing, off site driver testing and occasional testing is completely mitigated.
  • It is impossible for a driver to avoid being tested.
  • Drivers are tested throughout the day, every day.
  • “Human error” and screening system errors are mitigated.
  • Failure to report or act on identified drunk drivers is removed as a risk.
  • Faulty, ineffective or inoperative testing equipment is no longer a concern.
  • There is absolutely no need for driver screening.
  • Your driver data is stored and summarised into concise, intelligent reports.
  • Insight into accidents and other scenarios that was previously unattainable is now attainable.
  • This information can be used in legal proceedings and used to prevent further issues.
  • Vehicles on the road or at remote locations are monitored without the need of any intervention or staffing.
  • Retest functions make sure drivers don’t drink after starting the vehicle and it prevents drivers getting others to blow on their behalf.
  • Your fleet and your goods are in sober, safe hands.
  • Competitive advantage over other carriers who do not test their drivers.
  • Many other industry and business specific benefits.

Fleet Managers now have the power and knowledge needed to make the right decisions for their business, along with the peace of mind that their fleet vehicles and goods are being operated and transported by sober, coherent drivers at all times.

All of this and more creates a fleet efficient environment and most of all, a safe environment that for all. The genius of the ACS ALCOLOCK™ coupled with the power of telematics – driven to stop drunk driving. ACS ALCOLOCK™ is the next level in fleet management.

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