CanTrack No. 1 GPS Vehicle Tracker in the UK
Posted in Expert Opinion by Cantrack Global Ltd

Different but the Same – CanTrack from Custodia You might know them as Custodia Systems or you might know their vehicle tracking products canDO GPS but from now on you’ll know them as CanTrack. Custodia is rebranding as a company to CanTrack and its product canDO GPS will be known as CanTrack Fleet Management. But that’s the only thing that will change. For fleet managers the CanTrack Fleet Management Device makes the job of managing your fleet... read more →

Driving Safety | The Long and Winding Road
Posted in Expert Opinion by Sascha Simon

The quest for road safety started the movement toward smart driving, beginning with the first post-crash safety technology, which provided seat belts and crumple zones in cars. Since then, automotive safety technology has moved from mitigation after a crash toward pre-crash safety technology that actively prevents crashes from occurring. Additional safety benefits are realized by utilizing a “sensor fusion” approach that combines existing sensors... read more →

The Use of Telematics in the Preventative Maintenance Aspects of Fleets
Posted in Expert Opinion by Frank Pellitta

When it comes to telematics in fleets, a lot of focus has been trained on location data and its many uses. However, telematics has also been tremendously useful in maintaining vehicles to avoid problems, such as having the truck, car or bus break down, and other issues before they become a major headache. Preventive maintenance, with the help of telematics, is a godsend for busy fleet managers who are having problems keeping track which vehicles were... read more →

Improving Driver Behavior with Real- Time Verbal Coaching
Posted in Expert Opinion by Rachel Garris

According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) study, a person who drives as a part of their job is three times more likely to be killed on the job than a person working in a manufacturing environment. Unfortunately, most of these accidents are caused by human error, such as driving recklessly and speeding. Human error does not only cost lives. The Environmental Protection Agency says that the way a vehicle is driven can affect... read more →

External forces driving growth in the Telematics market
Posted in Expert Opinion by Richard Brayshaw

Telematics will continue to save businesses huge amounts of money in the traditional ways, however over the past few years external pressures have increased the potential savings even further. While companies and public sector organisations are increasingly looking to technology to help them drive down costs, they are also evaluating and comparing different aspects of technology to see which will deliver the best return on investment. Technologies... read more →

Direct Line for Business DrivePlus Van Telematics App
Posted in Expert Opinion by Direct Line for Business

How well do you drive? Ever wanted to monitor how you’re accelerating, braking and cornering? Direct Line for Business’s Telematics smartphone app is a great tool to help you do this and improve your driving. The free app monitors and assesses driving behaviour, and can save users as much as 15% off insurance premiums on completing 300 recorded miles.   Designed for van drivers, the DrivePlus Van app uses telematics to monitor speed, cornering... read more →

Professional Services is a Key Component to Enhanced Telematics
Posted in Expert Opinion by John Cameron

By John Cameron, General Manager of Trimble Field Service Management Telematics can offer companies the opportunity to monitor and manage the use and health of their vehicles, to oversee driving behavior and to have a 360-degree view of their fleet’s location. However, companies operating telematics systems across large fleets are inundated daily with data documenting various aspects of their fleet. A major challenge for fleet managers is how to... read more →

Trend is towards integrated witness cameras/telematics systems
Posted in Expert Opinion by Kjell Anderton

In 2015, the trend will be for fleets – especially HGV fleets – to invest in witness cameras capable of operating in conjunction with telematics. There are several reasons for this, says comparison website TrackCompare.co.uk. Chief among them: the system’s ability to enhance safety, reduce accidents and cut insurance claims. These benefits result from the cameras’ live video feed to a vehicle’s telematics system, giving operators the ability... read more →

Fleet Tracking Prices: The hidden costs, types of contracts, pricing examples and things to watch out for
Posted in Expert Opinion by Robert Prime

According to Donlen’s survey involving fleet managers and telematics, 21% of companies belonging to the industry are now using some sort of telematics solution, while 34% are planning to get a telematics solution. Looking only at companies with fleets that have at least 300 vehicles, close to half are seriously considering getting a telematics solution. While close to one in every three companies with a fleet size of around 100 to 299 vehicles... read more →

Sharing standards, safety, and savings
Posted in Expert Opinion by Frank Pellitta

In my previous article, I talked about recent developments in the consumer telematics and infotainment markets and how these developments are best translated into the fleet space. One important lesson is that the sharing of an industry standard platform encourages joint collaborations and opens up new customer markets. A shared, standard platform is almost a mandatory requirement for the active development of a specialized ecosystem like fleet. It... read more →

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