CanTrack No. 1 GPS Vehicle Tracker in the UK

Different but the Same – CanTrack from Custodia

You might know them as Custodia Systems or you might know their vehicle tracking products canDO GPS but from now on you’ll know them as CanTrack.

Custodia is rebranding as a company to CanTrack and its product canDO GPS will be known as CanTrack Fleet Management. But that’s the only thing that will change.

For fleet managers the CanTrack Fleet Management Device makes the job of managing your fleet of cars, vans, LCVs and HGVs much more efficient and much more economical due to high-tech mapping and fuss-free installation.

If you haven’t heard of their product before, here’s a quick breakdown of what CanTrack does.

Easy to Install GPS Device and Cheap to Run

The CanTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking Device is the easiest solution to install on the market today, with its simple Plug ‘N’ Play OBD port installation. This means it is most economical fleet management system available in Europe because your fleet vehicles don’t need to be off the road for an engineer to install it. CanTrack’s GPS tracking solution saves on average £321 because of the Plug ‘N’ Play feature compared to other fleet management providers, plus the easy to switch vehicles too.

At just £99 per vehicle and £67 per year subscription for one vehicle with options for larger fleets, you get top quality technical design at an affordable price. But it’s not just the cost of each unit where you save.

CanTrack GPS Fleet Management

The CanTrack Fleet Management Service gives fleet managers a break from micro-managing and allows them the time to see the bigger picture.

It all starts with installation. You literally just plug the CanTrack GPS Tracking Device into the OBD Port of your van or car and within moments your vehicle tracking system is up and running. You have no costly engineer installations or downtime for your drivers to budget for. You can also switch the tracking device between your vehicles just as easily. With CanTrack installation is free.

Map your Movements with CanTrack

With high end satellite tracking and traffic data updated every 30 seconds, you can look forward to improved route planning and ensure much-improved driver punctuality. CanTrack’s rivals can’t promise the same speed. That saves you money on fuel and on vehicle maintenance from the first moment of installation. With its GeoFencing ability you can make sure your drivers are staying on the right road and not dropping in for any unauthorised stops while you can measure all the key metrics for your business with the tracking reports provided by the CanTrack software. That keeps you on top of all your fleet activity. With CanTrack you can understand in real time what’s happening with your fleet from the comfort of your own desk.

Improve your Fleet Efficiency and Contact

Learn from the experts when it comes to fleet tracking. CanTrack is a leading UK provider in the telematics, fleet and asset tracking industry with over 10 years of expertise and innovation.

CanTrack guarantee that the CanTrack Vehicle Tracking System is the fastest way to get your vehicles tracked or your money back.

To bring your fleet management to the right level for your business, visit for more detailed information. To book a demo or trial their GPS solution with a no quibble return, contact CanTrack on 01908 330 385.