US teens to trial early driver safety course

One of the main reasons that young drivers are thought to get in more accidents than any other group, is due to lack of experience. While people that have been driving for 10+ years might not fall into some dangerous situations, younger drivers might not see the signs until its too late. In an effort to combat that, teens living in Dallas, Texas, are set to be given the chance to take on a driving safety course, that’s based on real world situations, rather than just ones theorised in a class room.

It’s being handled by local officials in partnership with the Tire Rack Street Survival group, as well as a number of non-profit supporters and local businesses. The plan is to have one of over 2,000 instructors and volunteers take the young drivers through some specific scenarios, while sat behind the wheel of their car. Certain tests will combat skidding, heavy braking scenarios and how to deal with head on collisions, as well as driving in unsavoury conditions like during heavy rain.

One of the main points for the course will be on controlling the vehicle, rather than just driving it: “A car traveling at just 4 miles per hour has more energy than a bullet,” Bill Wade, the course’s national program manager, said in a prepared statement (via DallasNews). “That’s a lot of responsibility.”

Professional drivers, like veteran IndyCar driver Scott Goodyear, will also be present, giving out specific advice to the teens present in talks and speeches. There will also be car clubs in attendance, with members discussing the merits of safer and certainly more controlled driving.


Attendees must be able to at least reach the pedals…

If you want your child to take part, or if you’re a responsible young adult and want to run through the course yourself, it’s set to take place on the 28th September, at the Mesquite Memorial Stadium. It’s open to anyone between the ages of 15 and 21 with at least a provisional license and there’s a $75 fee to take part.

About Tire Rack Street Survival

Tire Rack Street Survival is an organisation that promotes safe driving among younger people, offering courses and training around the country with the aim of helping reduce fatalities and accidents on the road. It also takes on new approaches, preferring real world experiences and bespoke training exercises, over antiquated classroom discussions. As the official website puts it: “The primary emphasis of the Tire Rack Street Survival program is a “hands-on” driving experience in real-world situations! We use your own car to teach you about its handling limits and how you can control them.”

While driving education programs around the world have improved in recent years, Tire Rack wants to take it a step further, making sure as many teens as possible have some practical training behind the wheel of a car before they even start their official training to pass the test.

In 2013, Tire Rack visited over 100 schools, providing training and knowledge to the local teens. In 2014, it hopes to top 110.

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