Using Fleet Technology with Telematics to Optimize a Mission-Critical Response
Posted in Expert Opinion by John Cameron

When a public works truck breaks down in a blizzard during snow removal in Brookline, MA, dispatchers know exactly where to find the vehicle. That’s because Brookline’s public works department uses fleet management with telematics that tracks the progress of their fleet and crew in the field. Telematics, GIS (geographic information systems) mapping, GPS and cellular communications have been playing an increasing role in guiding teams, tracking... read more →

ACS ALCOLOCK™ uses the power of telematics to stop drunk driving
Posted in Expert Opinion by David Lynch

Discover Nine (Pty) Ltd, the South African distributor of the ACS ALCOLOCK™, has partnered up with a global leader in telematics to make the ACS ALCOLOCK™ even more powerful.  What is an ACS ALCOLOCK™? The ACS ALCOLOCK™ is an alcohol ignition interlock that measures the breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) of the driver and prevents the vehicle from being started if the BrAC is over a predetermined limit. If a driver does NOT provide AND... read more →

Learning from the Connected Car
Posted in Expert Opinion by Frank Pellitta

What are the most important characteristics in a perfect fleet telematics system? Of course affordability is always a factor, and features such as ease of use and ease of management are vitally important. However, when it comes to technical considerations, the relative importance of product features will change from one year to the next, depending on consumer expectations and needs. What is a “nice-to-have” today may become a “must-have” tomorrow... read more →

Interview with Daniel Zloczower
Posted in Expert Opinion by Daniel Zloczower

Hi Daniel, You run the group ‘Telematics Business Arena‘ could you tell us a bit about the group and it’s goals?   Yes, it’s one of the main groups related to Telematics in LinkedIn, there are more than 4000 members that share useful info such as trends, promote their solutions, search for partners and more. The main goal is connecting people interested or working in the Telematics field, including Fleet Management, Automatic... read more →

The Critical Need for Certifications and Training in Mobility and Connected Vehicle
Posted in Expert Opinion by Elaina Farnsworth

Where is telematics going? With the recent development of mobile phones tethered to the vehicle, which will ultimately be able to access car data from the CANbus, we need to be prepared for all of the requirements involved. There are large risks when we have information accessed for safety purposes through telematics.When cars start to communicate through DSRC, there will be pertinent information that will need to be transmitted from the vehicle to... read more →

Automotive Connected Services in Brazil – The Future of the Connected Car is here
Posted in Expert Opinion by Robert Prime

By Yeswant Abhimanyu, Automotive & Transportation Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan: Yeswant.abhimanyu@frost.com SAO PAULO, Brazil – 03/09/2014 – The passenger car market in Latin America is diverse. Each country poses its specific traits, dynamic customer requirements and complex trends. Brazil, Latin America’s largest automotive market, is expected to grow to over 5 million annual vehicle sales by 2020. The market today is... read more →

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